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The Traco Collections Process
When you want your cash back
Professional collections and debt managment solutions since 1976


Everything from searching the databases for outstanding debt to the client getting paid–and everything in between

There are no up-front or out of pocket costs to you.  You do not need to provide us with any files or documentation other than a list of names and case numbers you wish to assign; or we can supply a list of cases that you could select from.  We would seek your permission before making a substantial expenditure in order to secure an asset, which we would front and recoup only upon collection.  We have the ability to collect nationwide.

After our blanket license agreement is executed (a sample of which is included) and specific cases are identified, we would check for bankruptcies and death and then prepare Assignment of Judgment documents for your signature and notarization.  We furnish detailed reports on the 15th and remit revenue that was collected in the prior calendar month.

We collect on all claims, not just judgments. We are proficient in medical, retail, commercial, and legal collections.

We are also bill insurance entities, if necessary.  Our staff is well versed in ICD9’s, RVS coding, professional modifiers, etc.  We understand the delicate relationships between hospitals, referring doctors, contracted IPA’s, insurance companies, medical providers and billing services.  All of our collectors must pass a series of tests regarding laws and relationships of debtors to the medical environment.  Our long time understanding of hospital based services and dealing with medical clients has engendered an awareness of the necessity of minimizing all complaints.

Our rate of return is based on information acquired on the debtor and supplied to us, which may be done electronically.  Our fee for non-judgment medical claims is negotiable.

References are furnished upon request.